Conserve – Restore – Decarbonise

We make a direct impact on natural capital and biodiversity on land, sea and air.

With our global network and specialist expertise we create long-term partnerships to deliver sustainable growth and shared success to businesses and investors around the world.

Our sectors

We identify sectors where we can make the largest positive impact – agriculture, mining, marine habitats and energy.


We provide advice and resources from our associates to businesses in our chosen sectors.


We encourage sustainable methods and the protection of the environment to improve long-term profitability.


We mobilise capital to finance projects and provide investors with direct access to natural capital and biodiversity.

Funding for restoration

We galvanise funding for restoration, such as land and marine regeneration and rewilding to protect local communities.

Raising awareness

We raise awareness of the risk to eco-systems and ultimately human existence from depleting natural capital and biodiversity.


Land projects form a significant part of our portfolio, where we work diligently to develop and manage initiatives that promote responsible land use, conservation, and sustainable development.


Sea projects are a vital aspect of our mission, where we actively engage in marine conservation, responsible fisheries management, and ocean ecosystem preservation to safeguard the health of our oceans and the livelihoods they support.


Our air projects encompass a range of critical initiatives, including decarbonization efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, innovative carbon capture technologies to mitigate emissions, and comprehensive strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, all contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable atmosphere.


Natural Capital Associates is creating a global financial eco-system by connecting professional investors with a portfolio of short-listed nature positive projects.

Our passion for the environment

We continue to witness increasing pressure on natural capital and biodiversity from a combination of population growth, food security, changes to land use, geopolitical tensions and climate change.

We are passionate about delivering maximum positive impact by raising capital, helping our clients transition to more nature positive and profitable activities, and restoring land and marine habitats for future generations.

Furthermore, we are enthusiastic about the positive impact we can make and are motivated by the enormous power of nature to regenerate itself, with the right conditions.

Our Insights

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