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Capital Raising

Capital Raising for Nature Positive Projects

Raising capital for nature-positive projects and navigating the complexities of a new and evolving asset class can pose significant challenges, demanding both time and expertise. The Natural Capital Associates team leverages their extensive experience, specialised knowledge, and broad network to streamline and facilitate these transactions, benefiting both investors and investees..

Natural Capital Associates is creating a global financial ecosystem by connecting professional investors with a portfolio of short-listed nature positive projects.

We leverage our expertise in derisking and capturing value, along with our extensive network, to secure patient capital where sustainability is prioritised alongside the need to generate financial returns.

To qualify for our project portfolio, applications must satisfy our demanding criteria for sustainability and conserve or restore natural capital and biodiversity.

Main sources of finance

  • Governments & NGOs (eg United Nations, World Bank, European Investment Bank, African Development Bank, Development Finance Institutions)
  • Corporates
  • Insurance companies & pension funds
  • Foundations
  • Charities & Donor Advised Funds
  • Specialist asset managers & private equity funds
  • Family offices
  • Banks & specialist lenders

We raise capital for both companies and projects

Corporate finance:

  • Raising equity at TopCo level, typically from a potential partner who can add strategic value
  • Raising debt finance from specialist lenders, following the withdrawal of many traditional sources such as the commercial banks
  • Raising sustainable bonds

Project finance:

  • The project is already making an attractive investment return (eg sustainable timber)
  • The project requires significant upfront capital for returns well into the future (eg land regeneration)
  • A hybrid of the above. A project becomes financially attractive after an initial financial injection
  • The project is unlikely to ever be financially attractive but is hugely beneficial for natural capital and biodiversity (eg planting sea grass)

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